Princess Pageant

2023 Halifax County Exhibition Queen - Abbie Dillman


The Halifax County Exhibition Pageant has been a very popular event for as long as anyone can remember. Each year girls signup for the pageant and are assigned a sponsor whom which they will represent. They take part in many events such as a one on one interview with a panel of three judges, a tea party where they have to answer an impromptu question in front of everybody in attendance, parades, volunteer work and the opening ceremonies of the Exhibition. The girls are required to introduce themselves to a large audience at the opening ceremonies and the crowning and are also responsible for knowing their Little Misses information. The girl’s scores are broken down into 60% from their interview, 20% on their answer to the impromptu question, 10% participation in the events and 10% for volunteer activities. Every year, four titles are awarded: Miss Friendship, 2nd Princess, 1st Princess, and the title that everyone is hoping for: Halifax County Exhibition Queen. The girl crowned queen will have the crown until the next year’s exhibition and will attend many community events such as Rally in the Valley, andthe Mastodon Days Parade to name a few.

2024 Entrants Coing Soon