Fair Person(s) of the Year
Fairperson of the year for 2023. Joe and Sheila Fisher standing next to each other with a garden in the background.

Joe and Sheila (Jeffers) Fisher

From an early age Sheila (Jeffers) Fisher became involved with the Halifax County Exhibition as an exhibitor in 4-H, showing her Ayrshire calf and Palomino Horse, Nancy. Going to the exhibition was the highlight of her summers. Sheila has been a longtime Board Member with the Middle Musquodoboit Agricultural Society and volunteer with the Halifax County Exhibition. She has also been involved with the Artisans of the Heart, coordinating the Home and Handcraft Show, scooping everyone’s favourite ice cream, and coordinating the Plants and Flowers Show with the Musquodoboit Valley Weeders Garden Club. She is also passionate about collecting heritage pieces to create displays showcasing agricultural practices in years gone by. That is just a few of the many projects she championed over the years.

Joe Fisher started out with the Exhibition as parent support to their two children, Jeffry and Emily as they exhibited with 4-H. He slowly became involved with the operation of the Exhibition, helping out in the Office and joining the Board of Directors, which he has been a part of for the last eight years. In his role as a volunteer, he has rolled up his sleeves to be a labourer, caretaker, custodian, and financial wizard.

Joe & Sheila take pride in the presentation of the Exhibition Grounds and the Exhibition itself. They spend countless, unseen hours weeding the Ground's flower beds and keeping the building clean and ready for use. They are natural leaders among the team of volunteers who put countless hours in to organize and host the yearly Exhibition, where they tirelessly promote the rural lifestyle and Musquodoboit Valley communities.

The Middle Musquodoboit Agricultural Society and the Halifax County Exhibition Management Team are proud to honour Joe & Sheila with the Fair Persons of the Year Award, for their many years of hard work and support of the Halifax County Exhibition. Joe & Sheila will be presented with the Award at the Official Opening on Wednesday August 16th at 6:45pm on the Entertainment Stage.


Past Fair Person(s) of the Year

The Fair Person of the Year Award is given by the Halifax County Exhibition each year to a person that has been involved with the exhibition on some level over a long period of time. This could be a longtime exhibitor, a faithful volunteer or someone within the Management Committee and /or Middle Musquodoboit Agricultural Society. Often, the person has countless hours in all these areas, like that of this year’s recipient.


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